Welcome to the 2023 Leinster Open Water Season

Welcome to the 2023 season. Bare with us while the site gets up and running but please follow the links below.

** This is important especially for new swimmers who have not registered before. **

New Swimmers

If you are a new swimmer to Leinster Open Sea and have NEVER swam before please click this link to sign up and provide the correct information.

Existing Swimmers

If you have been an existing swimmer with a valid LOS number and have registered in 2022 please click the link below and reset your password. Your account has already been created.

DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. This will leave you with a new LOS number and handicap times.

Once this is reset you should be able to login and verify your details.

Reset password

Contact us directly for any issues you have have. Example:

  • Existing swimmers that do not get a password reset email (Check your spam!)
  • Existing swimmers that have possibly changed their email address since previous years
  • Existing swimmers who signed up as a new user (We told you not to)
  • New users probems signing up
  • Anything else
Contact us at [email protected]